About Us

About the Company

Halyna Kulska

ProtoDevs GmbH Founder and CEO


To provide more than expected

Our Mission –

“To make the World a safer, smarter and a better place with a help of Technology “


Our Team:

2x Senior and 2x Middle Electronic Hardware Design Engineers (Altium Designer : Architecture, Schematics, Layout, Production files)

1x RF Electronic Hardware Expert (Microwave studio, HFSS, Matlab)

2x Senior Layout Engineers (Altium Designer, Allegro OrCAD, Mentor, KiCAD)

2x Senior Software/Firmware Engineers (MCU level, Linux Level, Android OS Level)

1x Industrial Designer (Rhino, Solidworks, Photoshop, CorelDraw)

1x Senior Mechanical Engineer (SolidWorks, Inventor, Catia)



We are proud to announce that in 2023 we invested in registering our company logo and trademark with the German Patent and Trademark Office. From now on, the registration number of our logo in the register is 302023117521 and theregistration number of our trademark is 302023117518